Haute buy: Erica Weiner Magicicada Earrings

Erica Weiner Magicicada Earrings
Instagram has become a huge source for fashion inspiration for me, and a way to stalk shop my next haute purchase feature. My friend Sarah (of StyleIT Online) recently posted a #selfie wearing the cutest Erica Weiner Magicicada Earrings. Now in real life, most bugs scare the ‘ish outta me, but in my fashion life, I’m all about wearing creepy-crawly jewelry!

Erica Weiner Magicicada Earrings
Inspired by ‘Magicicada septendecim‘ (cicadas) that come out of the ground once every seventeen years, these earrings are definitely more beautiful (and quieter) than the real thing! Made of brass, these beauties feature a simple ear hook and measure 2 x 1.25″. I love the way Sarah wore them – with a pretty pastel dress, and I think they’d also work well with an edgier look, too.

How would rock these earrings?

Erica Weiner Magicicada Earrings, $29.99, ModCloth

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