Lift your spirit and make a bold statement with Emotional Brilliance Liquid Cosmetics from Lush!

Lush Liquid Success

I was intrigued by LUSH CosmeticsEmotional Brilliance line of liquid cosmetics so I ordered some to try and really love them! All of the cosmetics are handmade and are in truly vibrant and beautiful colors that fit your mood and lift your spirit. Their liquid eyeliners, cream eye shadows and lipsticks all have names like ‘Independent‘, ‘Fantasy‘, ‘Charm‘, ‘In Control‘, ‘Glamorous‘, ‘Bubbly‘ and more’. With natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, candelilla wax, almond oil, rose wax and rose petal infusions, these cosmetics are bold ways to make a statement with your makeup while still using natural products.

Lush Liquid Power

Lush’s liquid lipsticks have great color and wonderful staying power. I especially like the liquid lipstick in ‘Power’. It is a bright orange/red that also doubles as a cheek color. Layer the liquid lipsticks over Lush lip balms for a flawless application. If you don’t want a bold lip, I recommend using ‘Charm’, a soft babydoll pink that also can be used as a cream blush.

Lush Liquid Lipstick Charm

For the eyes, ‘Success’ liquid eyeliner is metallic silver and it looks so amazing with smoky eyes. You can even blend it into your lid a little for a softer look. Or draw a bold line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner for a bit of drama. If you want to go bold, go blue! ‘Control’ liquid eyeliner is a beautiful deep navy that adds a pop of color to your look. It also can be blended into the lid. I love this liner lightly blended into a pastel eye shadow.

Lush Liquid Eye Liner Control

There are so many Emotional Brilliance colors to choose from. Visit your local Lush boutique to spin the color wheel and try out some looks. Or view the colors online at!

Which Emotional Brilliance cosmetics are your favorites?

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