Haute links: fashion, beauty and entertainment weekly roundup

Adriana Lima $2 Million Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra YSL Metallic Colorama Holiday 2010 Collection (Hot Beauty Health)

We’ve started recapping the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With Barbies. (Crushable)

Haute pink – the Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Wedges by Jeffrey New York (What’s Haute)

Instant classic: Balenciaga 10th Anniversary Iridescent First bag (Handbag du Jour)

7 other tooth makeover ideas for Kanye, inspired by celebrities (The Gloss)

A little help in styling those combat boots that are so hot right now – without looking like GI Jane (College Candy)

Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant launches a nail polish collaboration with Nailtini (Beauty Blogging Junkie)

Here are a few simple ideas to help you battle the inevitable descent into winter lethargy (Already Pretty)

6 Men’s Fragrances Women Love (Your Tango)

Adriana Lima Unveils The $2 Million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra – and Spills Her Workout Secrets (Glamour)

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